Trimvent Select R13

Recessed vinyl slot ventilator

For use on wood windows

Trimvent Select R13 is a semi-recessed plastic slot ventilator that fits over a ½” slot in the window to provide a much healthier indoor air environment in the home and give the home occupants greater comfort and control in doing so. It features a unique directional deflector that allows the occupant to position the airflow for optimum comfort and performance.

Trimvent vents all give optimum airflow. Specifically developed to improve indoor air quality requirements throughout North America and the Rest of the World. Trimvent Select ventilators have been specified and fitted on millions of windows throughout the world for more than fifteen years.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique occupant controllable tilting T-bar.
  • Deflects air up or down, or both.
  • Minimal projection (when closed) for ease of window stacking.
  • Flange covers slot edges.
  • Recesses over 1/2" slot.
  • For use with a C13 canopy or grills with head grip.
  • 6 1/4 in2 version.
  • Sculpted finger recess.
  • Matching screw covers.
  • Patented and registered design.
  • Suitable for wood windows.

R13 Ventilator

Product Code L W P* Closed - Open Slot Size
R13 4000 TS1133410 16 1/4" 15/16" 1/2" x 29/32" 6 13/16" + 13/16" + 6 13/16" x 1/2"
16" x 3/4"
(25/64" deep)
C13 4000 TS2134020 16 1/4" 11/16" 15/16"

P* dimension - add 25/64" for overall vent depth.
Product dimensions are conversions from actual metric dimensions. More detailed sizing is recommended using a sample of the product.

Manufactured From

PBTP (UV Stable) & POM, Canopy - PVCu.

Recommended Screws

No.6 Pan Head or equivalent.


(Full test details available on request).

Free Area - see above.

Water Resistance (Pa) - Vent & Canopy - 600.

Acoustic STC – Details on request.


Suffix product code with: -392 (white), -315 (brown). Other finishes available depending on quantity.

More information / 574-271-9699