Trimvent Sleeve

For use with surface mounted slot ventilators

Trimvent Sleeve is an additional component to help keep the air from entering the vinyl or aluminum profile. Simple to fit and can be cut to size to suit any thickness of window section.

Trimvent vents all give optimum airflow. Specifically developed to improve indoor air quality requirements throughout North America and the Rest of the World.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with Trimvent Select and Trimvent 4000 ventilators.
  • Simple push fit one piece extrusion. Supplied ready to fit.
  • Reduces the risk of air and water entering profile chambers.
  • Various sizes available to suit different profiles.
  • Two required on longer ventilators.
  • Do not reduce free air opening for ventilator and canopy.
  • Not available for Trimvent Select clip fix ventilators.

Trimvent® Sleeve

Product Code D W Slot Size
Trimvent Select S13 4000 Sleeve TS5134058
2 1/4"
2 7/16"
2 3/4"
5/8" 7" + 3/4" + 7" x 5/8"
Trimvent 4000 Sleeve TA4558
2 1/4"
2 7/16"
2 3/4"
5/8" 7" + 3/4" + 7" x 5/8"
Other sleeve sizes available on request.

Product dimensions are conversions from actual metric dimensions. More detailed sizing is recommended using a sample of the product.

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