Trimvent SM

Surface mounted aluminium slot ventilator

For use on vinyl, wood or aluminum windows

Trimvent SM vent is a surface mounted aluminum slot ventilator that fits over a maximum ½” slot in a window and provide a much healthier indoor air environment in the home and give the home occupants greater comfort and control in doing so. The TV SM is available in made to measure sizes or in bar length in a variety of colors.

Trimvent vents all give optimum airflow. Specifically developed to improve indoor air quality requirements throughout North America and the rest of the world.

Features & Benefits

  • When specified correctly, complies with Building Regulations.
  • Vent deflects air up and down to reduce drafts.
  • Compression closing action.
  • For use over 1/2" slot or holes.
  • Flexible vinyl seal for improved weather tightness.
  • Surface mounted for retrofit applications, over a slot or series of holes.
  • Available in bar length for cutting to size by customer (details on request).
  • Based on the original and successful Trimvent principle and design.
  • Special paint finishes available.
  • Thermally insulated.
  • Good acoustic properties when closed.
  • Matching screw covers.
  • Patented design.
  • Suitable for aluminum, wood and vinyl windows.

Trimvent® SM Ventilator

Product Code L W P* Closed - Open Slot Size
SM405 TA994 16" 58 58 - 1516 1178” x 12” 

 Product dimensions are conversions from actual metric dimensions. More detailed sizing is recommended using a sample of the product.

Add-on section

Manufactured From

Aluminum 6063 HIT T6 & PVCu seal, canopy - Aluminum 6063 HIT T6, PP (UV Stable).

Recommended Screws

(No.6) Pan or Round Head or equivalent.


Suffix product code with: -265 (white), -898 (Desert Sand), -242 (Almond), -880 (Tan), -068 (Bronze).
Other finishes available depending on quantity.

More information / 574-271-9699


(Full test details available on request)

Free Area – See above.

Water Resistance (Pa) – 750.

Acoustic STC – vent open 33, vent closed 51.