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Trimvent® 4000 Hi Lift

High performance aluminium slot ventilator


Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift is an aluminium slot ventilator that fits over a 13mm slot in a window and provides an Equivalent Area (EA) of up to 6000mm² when fitted with the Hi Flow canopy. The TV4000 Hi Lift is ideal for both new build or refurbished situations using any window material and is available in a variety of colours.

The Hi Lift design improves the Trimvent range to offer increased ventilation. It gives optimum airflow (and therefore EA) utilising existing Trimvent slot sizes and vent lengths, making them 60% more efficient than previous models.

It has been specifically developed for recent revisions to Part F of the Building Regulations for Ventilation (England & Wales), is optimised for use with the Scottish Technical Standards and to improve performance for requirements throughout the UK and Europe.

Trimvent 4000 ventilators have been specified and fitted on millions of windows throughout the UK and mainland Europe for 25 years.

Suitable for

  • PVCu

Features & Benefits

  • Revised design to improve performance and Regulations compliance
  • Compression closing action
  • For use on 13mm slot
  • Based on successful Trimvent® principle
  • T-bar deflects air up and down
  • Unique linkages ensure constant friction and smooth action
  • Vent supplied with screw covers, canopy features integral screw covers
  • Special colours available on request
  • Felted gasket for increased performance
  • When specified correctly complies with Building Regulations

Technical Information

Technical Information


Product Product Code (L) Length (W) Width (P)
Projection Closed-Open
EA (mm²) Free Area (mm²) Slot Detail /
Free Area of Slot (mm²)
TV4000 HL 2200EA 255 vent TA4042 255 17 28 – 38 2200 2169
HF 263 canopy TA6053 263 24 36.5 3790
TV4000 HL 4000EA 400 vent TA4041 400 17 28 – 38 4000 3989
HF 441 canopy TA6054 441 24 36.5 6763
TV4000 HL 6000EA 575 vent TA4044 575 17 28 – 38 6000 5925
HF 582 canopy TA6004 582 24 36.5 9118
Sleeve  Please phone for details

EA figures above and marked on vents are achieved when fitted to manufacturer’s recommendations. Tested in accordance with BS:EN 13141-1 (2004).

This product does feature some protrusion into the slot. If the recommended slot size has been cut then the protrusion will not affect fitting or claimed performance.

Manufactured from

Aluminium 6063 HIT T6, component parts POM & PP (UV Stable)

Recommended screws

3.5mm (No.6) Round Head or equivalent


Tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (airflow, air leakage and weather tightness)
Acoustic performance tested in accordance with BS EN ISO20140-10:1992, BS EN ISO140-10:1991 and single figures to BS EN ISO717-1:1991


(Full test details available on request)
Equivalent Area – See above
Free Area – See above
Air Leakage (m³/hr @ 50Pa) – 0.99 (4000EA version)
Water Resistance (Pa) – 600
Acoustic Dn,e,w (+/-) – vent open 32 (0;1), vent closed 43 (0;-1)


Suffix product code with:
-020 (white), -001 (SAA) (Canopy -026), -023 (brown)
Other colour options available. Please contact sales for details.



Manuals and Documentation

Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift - Fixing Instructions

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Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift - Operation and Maintenance Instructions

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Trimvent 4000 Hi Lift - Catalogue Page

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