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Titon Achieves Passivhaus Accreditation

Titon’s new HRV3 PH ECOaura MVHR unit has successfully achieved Passivhaus accreditation. The unit, when used with Titon’s new aura-t™ touchscreen or aurastat® VT controller, provides exceptional indoor air quality and energy efficient performance within a building.

Achieving Passivhaus accreditation demonstrates Titon’s ability to produce high quality MVHR systems that can offer extra value within the home. With poor indoor air quality remaining a prevalent topic throughout the housing industry, coupled with the UK government’s commitment to improving standards, Titon has utilised its UK manufacturing prowess to produce a high standard, compliant unit.

Commenting on the achievement, James Griffiths, Marketing Manager (Ventilation Systems) at Titon, said: The new version of the HRV3 PH ECOaura has been developed to fulfil increasing market demand for Passivhaus requirements – both across Europe and the UK, where there is also a growing interest, especially in the self-build sector. The addition of the duct heater to this unit was crucial to successfully meet the high standards and criteria of Passivhaus testing, particularly saving energy within a home. This Passivhaus accreditation will undoubtedly see the HRV3 PH ECOaura become more popular among architects, mechanical engineers, contractors, local authorities and homeowners alike.

The HRV3 PH ECOaura is a modified design of Titon’s existing HRV3 Q Plus Eco unit, with the main addition being a new duct heater as featured during testing. This ensures that cold air does not return into the system ensuring balanced ventilation at low temperatures, if not then the cold supply must be reduced to prevent freezing, preventing any moisture in the stale extracted air from freezing. In turn, this eliminates any risk of the heat cell freezing and stopping the unit from working. As a result, the ventilation system can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if the temperature drops down to -15ºC.

Furthermore, the HRV3 PH ECOaura offers a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass and also includes intelligent humidity options, while the Passivhaus versions can be fitted alongside either Titon’s aura-t™ touchscreen or the aurastat® VT controllers.

For more information, Titon’s new listed MVHR unit can be found on the Passivhaus website.

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