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Titon Introduces Duct Free Single Room Heat Recovery System

Titon has introduced its new SR700 Single Room Heat Recovery Unit (SRHRV) for the European (non UK) market. This decentralised ventiliation unit with heat recovery provides a continuous airflow into a property, while extracting moisture and contaminants from the atmosphere to improve indoor air quality. In addition, the unit recovers 94% of wasted heat to help reduce household utility costs. Units should be fitted in pairs to provide cross flow ventilation within a building.

Suitable for new build or retrofit, the new SR700 is easily installed, as it can be cut to size to fit into any dwelling with walls 305mm to 700mm thick. The lightweight unit boasts a low profile wall-mounted fascia and expanded polypropylene housing – ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the unit houses a two-speed fan, which features an ‘intensive speed’ setting to quickly remove any odours that may be present inside a property. Alternatively, the ‘cross ventilation’ mode can be selected, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air (without heat recovery) throughout a dwelling – which is ideal for the summer months. The SR700 also incorporates a night-time ‘sleep’ mode, causing it to temporarily stop or slow to further reduce sound. Plus, adding optional sensors to the system ensures carbon dioxide, relative humidity and volatile organic compounds are removed from inside a home (if detected).

The SR700’s fan is positioned between two ceramic heat cells, which operate depending on which direction the fan is running. At one end of the cylinder tube is a G2 filter behind the vent, which removes pollutants, while the opposite end has an insect filter located just behind the outside grille. No additional ductwork is required, and system settings are managed via Titon’s simple but effective SRC1 Controller.

Unlike regular extractor fans that waste 100% of the heat passing through them, the SR700 recovers up to 94% of wasted heat and creates a comfortable living environment. The unit also achieves 20Pa back pressure as per BS EN 13141-8:2014.

Commenting on the new SRHRV, Shaun Horn-Critchlow, Export Director at Titon, said: “The SR700 Single Room Heat Recovery Unit is a completely new product for us, showcasing our knowledge and capabilities in developing systems for a wide range of applications. Not only is the SR700 simple to install and maintain, it helps eliminate condensation and mould growth within the home – which is excellent from a health perspective. Plus, it meets the criteria for low energy housing and can be installed during a home refurbishment project.”

Units are simple to maintain, simply requiring routine servicing and filter cleaning and/or replacement. Titon offers a full range of replacement G2 air filters and insect filters to ensure systems continue to operate at maximum efficiency. The SR700 is supplied with a 2-year guarantee as standard.