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SF Xtra Sound Attenuator, Liverpool and Manchester

Development:  Residential

Site:  Huyton, Liverpool and Plymouth Grove, Manchester

Specified By: Gleeson Homes

Completion Date: April 2015

Titon Products Used:

  • SF Sound Attenuator (acoustic) vent

Titon’s SF Sound Attenuator vents have been fitted in over 300 properties constructed by Gleeson Homes in Huyton, Liverpool and Plymouth Grove, Manchester. Each site contains a mixture of private and social housing, ranging from four-bedroom detached houses to single bedroom apartments, with more scheduled to be built over the next two years.

The company responsible for supplying glazing for the newly built properties was Manchester-based window frame manufacturer SG Window Systems Ltd.

Commenting on how the SF Sound Attenuator vents were specified, Neil Guest, Estimator at SG Window Systems, said: “We have used Titon for a number of years, and fit their vents on windows manufactured for a variety of projects. I would say we actually use over 500 Titon products every month! We consider the company is the best manufacturer and distributor of vents in the UK, so it was common sense to utilise their quality and expertise on the Gleeson Homes project.

He continued: “The SF Sound Attenuator vents were absolutely perfect for the project in hand, as they enabled us to provide windows that met the acoustic requirements outlined in the Building Regulations for each property development.

Titon’s SF Sound Attenuator is a slot ventilator which provides high levels of sound attenuation compared to similar ‘acoustic’ products, in a compact size. The SF Sound Attenuator can be purchased in a number of combinations based on different sizes of inner (ventilator) and outer (canopy). Combinations can be chosen depending on sound attenuation requirements and desired aesthetic. The product is a cost effective method of reducing incoming noise where more conventional slot ventilators are unable to assist in acoustic issues. The SF Sound Attenuator comes fitted with a Titon SF ventilator and/or SF Canopy, and fits over the standard 13mm ventilator slot size.

Units have been independently tested by Sound Research Laboratories in accordance with BSEN20140-10:1992, ISO140-10:1991, and are suitable for use in domestic and commercial installations.

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