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Titon Aims Big with New HRV 10.25 Q Plus

Titon has extended its range of MVHR systems with the new HRV 10.25 Q Plus , which has been designed for use in large apartments or houses. This continuously running whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery has been specifically designed in accordance with new building design requirements – providing improved performance compared to other models within Titon’s range.

Comprehensively engineered, the HRV 10.25 Q Plus combines extremely low power consumption with a highly efficient heat exchanger (up to 90% efficient), which has been specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q. Units also benefit from an extremely low specific fan power (SFP) down to 0.39 W/l/s.

The HRV 10.25 Q Plus range consists of two models: ‘Eco HMB’ and ‘Eco B’. Each offers a 100% summer bypass, as recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database (PCDB). Units also boast intelligent humidity options: Eco HMB models are compatible with Titon’s auralite® status indicator, while Eco B versions can also be fitted with aurastat® and auramode® controllers. The auramode® offers a fourth speed (high flow) in order to assist with purge flow ventilation requirements.

Commenting on the new product, Paul Cowell, Senior Technical Manager at Titon, said: “The HRV 10.25 Q Plus has the highest airflow in our portfolio. This range shows an increase in energy saving via further reductions in SFP, while also offering an increase in ventilation. Plus, thanks to the full range of control options available, these products will contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Each product’s lightweight EPP construction provides high levels of thermal insulation, as well as easy handling. In addition, the HRV 10.25 Q Plus range accepts 125mm or 150mm ducting for flexible design options, while also benefitting from independent fan adjustment and intelligent frost protection. As with all Titon MVHR systems, units are effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) – reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

For more information about the HRV 10.25 Q Plus and the rest of Titon’s MVHR range, visit: