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Ceiling Diffuser Supply & Extract (125mm)

Aesthetic Ceiling Diffuser


Please note: For Titon’s standard valves please look at Part Number – 8960154 (Universal), 8960230 (Extract) and 8960232 (Supply).

Titon’s residential valve is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit into any high specification property. It can be mounted onto a wall or ceiling and offers efficient airflow whilst maintaining a professional aesthetic design.

Quick and easy mounting by spring mechanism or mounting ring, to be fixed on both flexible and rigid ductwork. Provided with double lip seal (air tightness class D according EN 15727). Easy adjustment of volume damper. Standard finish RAL 9003, textured paint.

The ingenious architectural valve is suitable for homes as well as for offices. You can choose between a ceiling or a wall installation.

This product is not only pleasing to the eye, it combines also exceptional air technical performances at an extremely low noise level.

You can use this residential valve easily as supply or Extract, in new buildings and for renovation.

The residential diffuser consists of two parts:

  • The base valve (available with mounting bracket or springs)
  • The deflector plate (available in different shapes and surface finishing)

A simple screw joint couples both parts faultlessly. Each valve has a double lip seal to allow ductwork to achieve class D airtightness. Next to that a static pressure measurement can easily be done

Features & Benefits

  • Low sound levels
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • Sleek stylish design that gives your home a truly modern look

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Information

Product  Code Size Airflow 8 l/s 15 l/s 30 l/s
9030001 125mm Supply (open at 11mm) 4.5 pa 15 pa 60 pa
Extract  (open at 11mm) 5.6 pa 19 pa 76 pa


Product  Code Size Airflow Lw
25 dB(A) 30 db(A) 35 dB(A)
9030001 125mm Supply 24 l/s 29 l/s 35 l/s
Extract 24 l/s 28 l/s 34 l/s



Drawing and Dimensions






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