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Air Valve (Supply)

For use with Titon‘s HRV Q Plus and CME Q Plus Ranges
DIFFUSER SUPPLY (100, 125 & 150 MM)


The round white metal ceiling air supply valve is manufactured from white epoxy powered coated steel. The valve has a male spigot to fit inside 100/125/150mm ducting.

The supply air valve is fully adjustable and has a locking nut to fix the position of the controlled disc upon commissioning.

The valve is supplied complete with a fixing body with pre-drilled holes for installation.

The valve engages/disengages to the fixing body by a quarter turn clockwise/anticlockwise.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Specification

Ceiling Metal Vent Diffuser – Supply
8960229 8960232 8960235
Size 100mm 125mm 150mm
Colour RAL9016 RAL9016 RAL9016
Operating Temperature
Max +60°C +100°C +60°C
Min -15°C -20°C -15°C
Weight 270g 343g 270g

Drawing Dimensions

100mm 125mm 150mm
ØA 138 162 201
ØB 94 114 135
C 40 44 51
D 32 36 38.5
ØE 138 163 202
ØF 94 114 135

Dimensions in mm

Performance Details

Pressure loss with control disc open to 10mm




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