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Ducting – Semi Rigid (Ø92mm & Ø75mm)



Semi–Rigid ducting designed for domestic ventilation systems is modern, clean, leak-free and easy to install. It is an alternative to solid plastic ducting that has traditionally been used to move air around a home. In contrast, semi-rigid uses a radial approach that allows for smaller duct diameter making it much easier to accommodate in tight spaces, especially in combination with the duct flexibility.

Titon can supply semi-rigid ducting suitable for domestic ventilation applications. This is not widely used in the UK, however, it is clear semi-rigid ducting can offer a number of benefits over the traditional rigid product:

Easier to fit – via ‘dry’ joints which seal tightly and do not require sealant and tape.
In addition, ducting is supplied in long lengths, which means usually only two cuts and two joints are required for each duct run to a room. This drastically reduces the number of different duct items required. This can result in a much quicker and cheaper installation than conventional methods.
Easier to commission – Central flow plenums reduce the need to re-adjust flow around the dwellings and flow terminals do not need to be adjustable.
Improved performance – Flow is smooth, while leaks and restrictions are eliminated, so lower settings on the unit can be utilised. A better installed system should also develop fewer problems in the future.

There are considerations to be made in order to achieve these advantages – however, with forethought these can be incorporated to allow a semi-rigid ducted system to be used:

Design ahead – Some extra room is required near the ventilation unit for the inclusion of the plenum boxes, so this has to be discussed at the point of house design.
Duct runs – As each room is ducted separately, which helps control specific airflow, duct layout and provision for it must be planned.
Familiarity for contractors – It will take one or two installations before contractors become used to the system and can then reap the benefits of its simplicity.
Cost – The system parts are typically more expensive per property than rigid ducting, however savings can be made due to the reduced labour cost in installing each system.

Features & Benefits

  • Flow rates are set easily and simply at install, no need for additional commissioning
  • Components click together to form airtight secure joints without using messy sealants and unreliable tapes
  • Joints can be disassembled and reassembled easily to allow installer adjustment
  • Minimal resistance to airflow, due to smooth inner skin
  • Ducting remains flexible whilst maintaining profile – the bends do not collapse which is a risk with traditional flexible ducting
  • The duct is cut to length on-site meaning no modular connection is required between plenum and air valve
  • Successfully used for many years on the continent. Titon have adapted the product specifically to suit installation in new build dwellings in the UK
  • Individual rooms connected to sound absorbing plenum to help overcome noise transfer, reducing the risk of noise pollution from outside the dwelling whilst eliminating ‘cross talk’ between rooms

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Codes

 DSR122  Insulated 8 port manifold
 DSR007  Restriction ring
 DSR022  Universal diffuser (Extract & Supply)


DSR008 Semi-Rigid ducting – Blue
 DSR004 Manifold to duct connector
 DSR010 Duct to duct connector
 DSR013 Duct to diffuser straight connector
 DSR016 90° bend
89706 Insulation sleeve x 10m
 DSR126 Duct to diffuser 90° connector


 DSR052 Semi-Rigid ducting – Red
 DSR050 Manifold to duct connector
 DSR049 Duct to duct connector
 DSR077 Duct to diffuser straight connector
 DSR078 90° bend
89707 Insulation sleeve x 10m
 DSR125 Duct to diffuser 90° connector




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