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NO2 Filter G4 Pre-Filter

ISO Coarse 60% (G4) Filter
With Trimbox NO₂ Filter® and Trimbox Filter®


Filters for product:Trimbox NO₂ Filter® and Trimbox Filter®
Grade:ISO Coarse 60%

So why is it important to change your filters?

Filters remove from the air such particles as smoke, dust, dirt and pollen etc from entering the property.  The need to check filters is very important as over time the filters will clog up with particles, which results in less air getting through to the ventilation system.  This can impact on air flow rates, that could result in the system generating noise as the ventilation system tries to work harder to achieve its initial airflow requirement.

Remember, it’s important to change your filters at least every 12 months.  Titon recommends that you do this more frequently if you live in an urban area where there is a build up of external air pollution.

Titon has a filter reminder service that is ideal to assist a homeowner in replacing filters, use the link below to register and Titon will remind you when you need to change them!

For more help with unit or filter identification, please visit our dedicated Support Centre for Installers, Maintenance & Homeowners.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Information

Image Filter
Part Number
EN779 2012
ISO 16890
NO2 Filter Pre-Filter 330x188x95 XP2010021 G4 ISO Coarse 60%


Please note you can only but filters if you are in the UK on Titon’s online shop TitonDirect.  Should you want to purchase them for outside of the UK, please email for further assistance.



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