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Sonair 3

Sonair 3 - For use fitted through walls


Sonair 3 provides mechanical input ventilation when switched on, when switched off provides background trickle ventilation which includes a controllable shutter.

It is designed with sound attenuating features to reduce noise transferring from outside to inside the home

Sonair 3 is a wall mounted input fan featuring a detachable remote control with an LED speed indicator.

Features & Benefits

  • Sonair 3 ventilates and filters the air
  • Independently tested for acoustic performance
  • Exceptional sound attenuation (up to 58dB)
  • Air cleaning
  • Low energy
  • Meets guidelines for occupant accessibility
  • Increase occupant awareness of system operation
  • Discreet design
  • Supplied with a flexible 1.8m long cable with a 13 amp 3 pin plug fitted with a 3 amp fuse

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Codes

352004 – Sonair 3 including G4/ISO Coarse 60%

535083 –  Filter G4/ISO Coarse 60%
110361 – Sound Insulating Tube D100

8960097 – 100mm dia (non-sound insulating) duct 350mm long
8960105 – White external grille
8960102 – Brown external grille
8960103 – Beige external grille

All items supplied separately


Approximate input airflow rate (m3/h) – 20-150m3/h at 0pa
Acoustic Dn,e,w (+/- ) – Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) 58(-1;-2)dB*
Tested to the ‘Noise Insulation Regulations’.
Background ventilation rate of 2400EA when the unit is switched off, recirculation flap closed and with the shutter open

*Sound insulating tube D100 required


The Sonair 3’s portable remote control lets you control the amount of freshly supplied outdoor air. The Sonair 3 has 10 ventilation settings.


Dimensions – 445 (H) x 340 (W) x 134 (D)

Material – Plastic ABS white RAL 9003
Voltage – 220-240V/50 Hz
Energy Consumption – 0.5W at standby to 22.7W at max speed (150m3/h)
Ventilation Capacity – Max is 41.7l/s (150m3/h) with ISO Coarse 60% filter
Duct – Ø100 mm (standard)
Warranty – 2 years


As population density increases, acoustics are becoming an increasingly important factor. Consequently, there is a greater need for sound-attenuating ventilators. Standard or acoustic trickle ventilators cannot provide the necessary attenuation levels, so more sophisticated solutions are required. The Sonair 3 meets these requirements by achieving acceptable noise-reducing levels.

Sound Production

Sound pressure level, LpA; 10 m2 according to ISO 3741.

Speed Setting Approximate Capacity Sonair 3
G4/ISO Coarse 60%
1 20m3/h <11.3
2 30m3/h <11.8
3 40m3/h <15.3
4 50m3/h 20.8
5 60m3/h 24.8
6 70m3/h 29.3
7 85m3/h 33.8
8 105m3/h 39.3
9 125m3/h 43.8
10 150m3/h 49.3
Sound Attenuation according to ISO 10140-2 and BS EN ISO 717-1**
Dn,e,w(C;Ctr) 58(-1;-2)dB*

* Sound insulating tube D100 required
**Independently tested by the BRE to requirements of noise insulation regulation





Manuals and Documentation

Product Manual - Sonair 3

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Catalogue Page - Sonair 3

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User Guides

User Guide - Sonair 3 Drilling Template

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User Guide - Sonair 3 User Manual

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UKCA Certificate of Conformity

Sonair 3 - UKCA Certificate of Conformity (352004)

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