• The best dMEV performing fan on the market
  • Low specific fan power down to 0.11 W/I/s
  • 3 configurable speed options (Trickle, Boost and High Boost)
  • Constant flow technology
  • Unique high performance impeller and guide vane design
  • Exceeds newly proposed stringent 20 Pa back pressure requirement
  • Quiet running, only 10 dB(a) at 3m, low speed
  • Low profile aesthetic circular design
  • 4 button and LED display to allow for simple control
  • Unit running time and average RH Data Logging
  • Quick and easy commissioning and set up
  • Extremely low running costs
  • Complies with Building Regulations Part F (England and Wales)
  • High performance brushless DC motor
  • PCDB listed for inclusion within SAP

Why Compromise the air you breathe?

Poor indoor air quality caused by a build-up of poor indoor air pollutants can lead to an impact on the health of a building and its occupants.

Most common pollutants are biological such as mould spores, pollen and dander; other pollutants are VOCs, gases, Carbon Monoxide and building materials such as paint containing lead and formaldehyde and asbestos.

Homes have become more airtight in recent years which prevents air from ‘changing’ (existing air is allowed to escape from a room, new air comes from outside).

Ventilation levels can be increased in a property by opening trickle vents, clearing air bricks in walls for background ventilation, installing fans in the bathroom and kitchen unless you have a central extraction unit installed.

Titon have developed a new dMEV to help combat this and provide efficient ventilation within a home.

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