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PIR Presence/Absence Detector

For use with Titon HRV Q Plus Range


The TP583 ceiling mounted (passive infrared) presence detector provides automatic timed control of ventilation with optional manual control.

The output channel comprises a mains voltage relay capable of simple on/off switching. This unit provides an isolated voltage free contact output.

Functioning as a presence detector, the unit can boost when a room is occupied and off when the room is empty.

Features & Benefits

  • PIR Sensor – Detects movement within the unit’s detection range, allowing load control in response to changes in occupancy.
  • IR Receiver – Receives control and programming commands from an IR (infrared) handset.
  • Light Level Sensor – Measures the overall light level in the detection area
  • Status LEDs – The LED flashes Red to indicate the following; Power Input & Switch Input Connector. Used to connect mains power to the unit and to connect a switch to manually override the lights on or off.
  • Output Connector – Connection to a switched load.

Technical Information

Technical Information


TP583 – Ceiling PIR presence/absence detector volt free contact
TP584 – UHS5 Programming IR handset

Weight 0.15kg
Supply Voltage – 230VAC +/- 10%
Frequency – 50Hz

Maximum Load:
Normally open contact
6 Amp fluorescent lighting and resistive
3 Amp compact fluorescent lighting
3 Amp low energy lighting
3 Amp low voltage lighting (switch primary of transformer)
Fluorescent lighting (max 6 fittings recommended)
Fluorescent lighting (max 6 fittings recommended)
For fluorescent lighting total power factor correction capacitance must not exceed 40μF.
3 Amp fans and ventilation equipment
Switch SON lighting loads via a contactor
Minimum load 100mA
Normally closed contact
2 Amp maximum
Minimum load 100mA

Time Period –  1-30 minutes
Power consumption – On 286mW, Off 728mW
Terminal Capacity – 2.5mm2
Temperature – -10°C to 35°C
Humidity – 5 to 95% non-condensing
Material (casing) – Flame retardant ABS and PC/ABS
Type – Class 2
IP rating – IP40
Compliance – EMC-2004/108/EC LVD-2006/95/EC

Drawing and Dimensions

Dimensions in mm.

Wiring Diagram

Dimension in mm.



Manuals and Documentation

Product Guide - Ceiling PIR presence/absence detector (TP583)

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Ventilation Systems Catalogue

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PIR Presence/Absence Detector - Catalogue Page

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