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CFC Ceiling Fan Cuff

CFC Ceiling Fan Cuff - For use with Titon Ultimate® dMEV


The new CFC Ceiling Fan Cuff prevents the spread of fire through ceilings where plastic ceiling fans penetrate the fire line plasterboard.  Tested specifically with the Titon Ultimate® dMEV the CFC Ceiling cuff is tested accordingly to BS EN 1364-2: 2018.

Features & Benefits

  • Tested generally in accordance with BS EN 1364-2: 2018 Fire Resistance Tests for non-loadbearing elements – Part 2: Ceilings and additional guidance from BS EN 1366-3: 2009. (Test Report 510322B/R)
  • Up to 60 minutes Integrity and Insulation.
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Specifically tested with the Titon Ultimate® dMEV

Technical Information

Technical Information

Product Codes

Product Code Description
CFC100 CFC Ceiling Fan Cuff
QSS310 Quelstop Acrylic Sealant


The CFC Ceiling Fan Cuffs consist of a continuous pressed stainless steel flexible shell containing a high performance graphite based intumescent material, which reacts under the influence of heat to exert pressure on the duct as it softens to form a carbonaceous char. This provides an effective insulation plug thus preventing fire passing through to the adjoining compartment. The CFC has built in spring clips which hold it to the plasterboard ceiling.


  1. Cut the plasterboard aperture to Ø135mm around the Ø100mm PVC duct spigot.
  2. Centralise the Ø100mm PVC duct spigot Within the hole.
  3. From the underside push the CFC100 up into the aperture around the PVC duct ensure the spring clip clamps fully back onto the plasterboard and that the CFC100 is clamped tight in position.
  4. Make sure the gap between the CFC100 and the plasterboard is clean of any debris and remove dust from all edges.
  5. Seal the small gap between the CFC100 and the plasterboard with QuelStop Acrylic Sealant.
  6. Install the ceiling fan to the plasterboard with correct screw fixings in accordance with Titon installation instructions.

The CFC has been tested in the scenario shown with the Titon Ultimate® dMEV. The customer/installer should satisfy themselves, or consult a fire engineer that the product, test data available, standards to which the product is tested, fan units and ducting, floor/ceiling construction is applicable and satisfactory for their specific scenario as Titon are not able to comment on each and every scenario.



Manuals and Documentation

Installation Guide - Fire Cuff

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Ventilation Systems Catalogue

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Catalogue Page - CFC Ceiling Cuff

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