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Trimvent® Select Xtra R16

Recessed slot ventilator


Trimvent Select Xtra R16 is a fully recessed plastic slot ventilator that fits over a 16mm slot in a window and provides an Equivalent Area (EA) of 4600mm² when fitted with the XHD16 grille or XC16 canopy. The XR16 is ideal for both new build or refurbished situations using timber windows and is available in a variety of colours.

The Xtra design improves the Trimvent Select range to offer increased ventilation. It gives optimum airflow (and therefore Equivalent Area) utilising existing Trimvent Select slot sizes and vent lengths, making them 60% more efficient than previous models.

It has been specifically developed for recent revisions to Part F of the Building Regulations for Ventilation (England & Wales), and to improve performance for requirements throughout the UK and Europe.

Trimvent Select ventilators have been specified and fitted on millions of windows throughout the UK and mainland Europe over the last twenty years.

Suitable for


Features & Benefits

  • Uprated design to improve performance and Regulations compliance
  • Unique occupant controllable tilting T-bar
  • No projection (when closed) for ease of window stacking
  • Recesses over 16mm slot
  • Based on successful Trimvent® principle
  • Sculpted finger recess
  • Patented and registered design
  • Supplied with paint protection adhesive cover
  • When specified correctly complies with Building Regulations

Technical Information

Technical Information


Product Product Code (L)
(P) Projection Closed-Open EA
Free Area
Slot Detail /
Free Area of Slot (mm²)
XR16 4600EA vent TS1164630 351 21 – 32 0 – 18.5 4600 4530
XC16 364 canopy TS2164040 364 22 32.5 4600 4990
XR16 4600EA vent TS1164630 351 21 – 32 0 – 18.5 4600 4530
XHD16 grille ** TS3164030 358 26 13.5 4600 5345

* Slot detail should also include a 352 x 22 x 16 recess for the ventilator.
** Special preparation required for XHD16 Grille. See Titon Fixing Instructions for full details.
EA figures above and marked on vents are achieved when fitted to manufacturer’s recommendations. Tested in accordance with BS:EN 13141-1 (2004).

Manufactured from

Vent – PBTP (UV Stable) & POM, XHD16 – PP,
Canopy – PVCu

Recommended screws

3.5mm (No.6) Pan Head or equivalent


ested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (airflow, air leakage and weather tightness)
Acoustic performance tested in accordance with BS EN ISO20140-10:1992, BS EN ISO140-10:1991 and single figures to BS EN ISO717-1:1991


(Full test details available on request)
Equivalent Area – See above
Free Area – See above
Air Leakage (m³/hr @ 50Pa) – 6.04 (with XHD16), 2.43 (with XC16)
Water Resistance (Pa) – Vent & Canopy 600, Vent & Grille 300
Acoustic Dn,e,w (+/-) – vent open 31 (0;1), vent closed 40 (-1;-1)


Suffix product code with: -392 (white), -315 (brown)
Other colour options available. Please contact sales for details.



Manuals and Documentation

Trimvent Select Xtra R16 - Fixing Instructions

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Trimvent Select Xtra R16 - Operation and Maintenance Instructions

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Trimvent Select Xtra R16 – Catalogue Page

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