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Recessed clip-fix slot ventilator


The Trykvent is an unobtrusive semi-recessed plastic ventilator that fits over a 16mm slot in a timber window.

The Trykvent is specifically designed for high performance timber windows and is ideal for both new build or refurbished situations. It is available in white, brown or grey.

When fitted correctly, the Trykvent seals extremely well when closed, while offering a higher EA than most other similar vents available.

Supply of this product is limited to certain minimum requirements.

Please contact your Titon representative or get in touch with our Sales Office for more information.

Suitable for


Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for high performance timber window
  • Press to open and close principle
  • High air-tightness in closed position
  • Thermal insulation all plastic with gas injection moulded T-bar
  • Gasket seal between T-bar and channel
  • Unique auto drop down opening
  • High quality, robust operating mechanism
  • Unobtrusive low profile design
  • Latching mechanism in closed position
  • High airflow or 4300mm² free area
  • GF Polyester

Technical Information

Technical Information


Product Product Code (L) Length (W) Width (P)
Projection Closed-Open
EA (mm²) Free Area (mm²) Slot Detail
Trykvent 389 TA7701 389 27 6.2 – 19 4300 4800
HF 441 Canopy TA6054 441 24 36.5 6763
Trykvent 283 TA7702 283 27 6.2 – 19 3000 3616
HF 303 Canopy TA6057 303 24 36.5 4458

* Slot detail should also include a 386 x 23 x 22 recess for the ventilator.
** Slot detail should also include a 280 x 23 x 22 recess for the ventilator.

Acoustic Ratings

Product Product Code Open – Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) Closed – Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) EA (mm²)
Trykvent 283 TA7702 33 (0;0) 47 (-1;-1) 3000
HF303 Canopy TA6057
Trykvent 389 TA7701 32 (0;0) 48 (-2;-3) 4300
HF441 Canopy TA6054

Manufactured from

Ventilator: Glass filled PBT & POM
Canopy: Aluminium 6063 HIT T6 & PP (UV Stable)


Tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (airflow, air leakage and weather tightness)


(Full test details available on request)
Equivalent Area – See above
Free Area – See above
Air Leakage – 0.40m³/hr @ 50 Pascal
Water Resistance – No test data available


Suffix product code with:
-392 (white), -315 (brown), -464 (grey) matches RAL9006



Manuals and Documentation

Trykvent - Fixing Instructions

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