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Support for Mechanical Ventilation for Installers, Maintenance & Homeowners

If you’re experiencing an issue with your unit, or simply looking for maintenance or support, please follow the steps below before contacting us:

1. Identify your product/unit

2. Read our helpful FAQs

3. Supporting documents and videos

4. Ventilation training

Please note:
A three year warranty is given to the purchaser of the equipment, the warranty they choose to pass onto the end user is down to them. Any warranty claims need to be made to the purchaser of the unit.


1. Identify your product/unit

In order to obtain any support documentation or manuals, you will need to know the make and model of your product.

Which type of product or unit do you have?

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) or CME (Central Mechanical Extract)?


How to identify the specific model:


Where to find the labels on the product:

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation):

or CME (Central Mechanical Extract):


2. FAQs

Now you know the product or unit type and the model number, you can find specific support information for your situation:

• How does the system work? Download user guides for HRV and CME or watch our video guides for HRV and CME
• How often do the filters require changing?
• Are there different grades of filters?
• Who can I get to service / maintain the system? See our Preferred installers
• Where do I buy filters from? Visit our online shop, TitonDirect
• How does Summer Bypass work?
• How much power does the system consume?
• The system is noisy, what should I do? View our Fault Finding documentation
• My system will not boost. View our Fault Finding documentation
• My system is stuck in boost. View our Fault Finding documentation.


3. Supporting documents & videos

Filter replacement videos
How to purchase MVHR filters
• User Guides for HRV and CME units
• Manuals for HRV and CME units
Fault finding information
• Catalogue pages for HRV and CME units
Installers, Service and Maintenance
• Spares Listing for HRV and CME units
• Motor replacement videos for HRV1, 1.25 & 1.35 and HRV1.5 to 3
Approved document F
DVCG (Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide)
• Port configuration and dimensions for HRV vertical and HRV Horizontal units.


Complete our online support form if you’re still experiencing an issue with a product. 


4. Domestic Ventilation Systems Training

We do not run any domestic ventilation courses internally.

Please see the organisations below for more information on other courses available:


We can provide customer specific product training, please call for information or e-mail



All maintenance/fault finding/repairs must be completed by a competent person.
Safe isolation procedures must be followed when working on these units.

Contact one of our experts

Whatever your query, please get in touch.