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About Titon Holdings Plc

Titon Holdings Plc is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of ventilation systems and window and door hardware with a reputation for quality products and high levels of customer service. Formed in 1972 we employ over 180 staff, with 160 in the UK, 1 in the USA and 19 in South Korea. Titon is listed on the AIM Market on the London Stock Exchange, ticker is “TON”.

Titon has a strong presence in the UK residential ventilation market with a comprehensive range of mechanical and natural ventilation products and is also a leading supplier of window and door hardware. We sell our products into a range of European markets and the USA market is supplied through a wholly owned subsidiary, Titon Inc.

We entered into a Joint Venture in South Korea with a local partner in 2008 and have our own manufacturing facilities in Seoul. We estimate that this business has captured over 75% of the market share for natural ventilation in the new build market in South Korea.

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Corporate Governance

There is a commitment to high standards of corporate governance throughout the Group.

We recognise that good governance helps the business to deliver strategy and safeguard shareholders’ long-term interests. The revised Combined Code provides a useful guide from which to review corporate governance within the Group.

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Shareholder Information

We welcome your involvement with Titon: we look forward to meeting you at the Annual General Meeting in March of each year.

We are also keen to answer any questions you may have about Titon during the year by contacting us. If you wish to do this then in the first instance please contact Carolyn Isom, Company Secretary, at and she will respond to you on behalf of the Company.

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