Fighting condensation and mould within a home for over 50 years

Titon prides itself on its wide range of ventilation products and their availability for all sectors. Social dwellings are no different, with a wide range of products to assist developers, specifiers and landlords alike. From the standard extract fans to specialist products like the new Titon Ultimate® dMEV which is designed for landlords to monitor its usage via data logging to the unique Vent-Trex a window mechanical extract fan with passive supply system. Titon has the products that can fit any requirements.

With dedicated Sales and Technical Departments, which supports Ventilation Systems offering peace of mind to customers and having extensive product knowledge to aid and support our customers. The Design Office can receive CAD/Revit drawings of dwellings and provide detailed ventilation designs with calculated ventilation capabilities based on duct run lengths and unit settings.

Titon’s Social Housing product range:

Titon FireSafe® 100mm Push Through Wall Kit

Titon has extended its market leading Titon FireSafe® range by adding the new Titon FireSafe® 100mm Push Through Wall Kit (TFSPTK), a superior circular fire safe terminal that assists in removing the dangers offered by plastic grilles and ducting in mechanical ventilation systems.

The Titon FireSafe® 100mm Push Through Wall Kit offers low resistance to airflow, but high resistance to fire as set out in Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 1: Dwellings, 2019 edition. Ideal for residential new build, refurbishment and social housing applications where mould and condensation cause are a major problem.

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Titon Ultimate® dMEV - Highly efficient constant flow intermittent extract fan

The new high performing Titon Ultimate® dMEV is an ultra quiet low profile fan, which is suitable for retrofit or refurbishment projects. One fan fits all and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility room applications and incorporates a new unique
impeller design.

It’s the perfect solution for landlords who want to make sure that mould and condensation are not a constant problem. The Titon Ultimate® dMEV is easy to maintain, simple to monitor using its data logging facility and can be commissioned in minutes.

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Sonair 3 - Sound attenuating filtered air supply

Sonair 3 provides mechanical input ventilation when switched on, when switched off provides background trickle ventilation which includes a controllable shutter.  Sonair 3 is a wall mounted input fan featuring touch control with an LCD display.

With acoustics is becoming a more important factor in more densely populated areas, therefore the requirement for sound attenuating ventilators has increased. As standard/acoustic trickle ventilators cannot provide the attenuation levels necessary, more sophisticated solutions are required. The Sonair 3 achieves acceptable noise reducing levels.

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SR700 - Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

The SR700 answering the call of an alternative way to ventilate and combat condensation and mould in Social Housing.

The SR700 from Titon is a decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery providing continuous airflow to your home. It extracts stale, moist and contaminated air and replaces it with warmed fresh air from outside, improving indoor air quality and keeping heating costs down.

The system is easily installed and maintained, ideal for removing internal condensation and eliminating mould growth within the home. Unlike regular extractor fans which waste 100% of heat that passes through them, the SR700 system will recover up to 84%* of wasted heat and create a comfortable living environment. It is recommended that the system is designed in pairs to allow for the system to work to its full capability.

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MEV - Mechanical Extract Ventilation

The CME Q Plus range of MEV fans are ideal for continuous extract of stale, damp and polluted air to the outside environment.  Helping fight the build up of mould caused by condensation within a home.

Available in two designs,  the combination of aesthetic smooth lines and a low profile makes it the ideal solution for hidden ceiling installation in flats and apartments.  Available with rectangular or circular ports, the CME Q Plus range is idea for any domestic application.



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Vent-Trex - Overhead extract fan/trickle ventilator

Vent-Trex is a unique combined overhead extract fan and trickle ventilator for kitchens and bathrooms that fits within the aperture on top of the window frame.

Vent-Trex is ideal for refurbishment situations where wall penetration is undesirable, as it does not damage the fabric of the building or where external aesthetics need to be preserved.

It provides a trickle ventilation performance Equivalent Area (EA) of 2500mm2 minimum and extract ventilation rates to suit either kitchens or bathrooms.

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