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HRV Q Plus units and ducting, London

Development:  Residential

Site:  The Residence, Ponton Road, London

Builder/Developer:  Bellway Homes Thames Gateway

Consultants: White Associates

Completion Date: February 2018

Titon Products Used

  • HRV1.25
  • HRV1.35
  • HRV2
  • HRV2.85 Q Plus Eco HMB
  • Straight and Flared Ducting Covers


A combination of highly efficient HRV Q Plus units and ducting from Titon has been installed throughout 514 newly-built one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments, penthouses and townhouses in The Residence, Ponton Road, London. Located within the Vauxhall Nine Elms Opportunity Area, The Residence comprises nine multistorey buildings. The ventilation products fitted include a range of HRV1.25, HRV1.35, HRV2 and HRV2.85 Q Plus Eco HMB MVHR units, as well as Titon’s straight and flared ducting covers.

The development is situated on what was a patch of industrial land on Ponton Road, which sits next to a railway viaduct, and once contained a train station. Construction began in 2015, with The Residence split into two distinct phases, with 190 residential units built during the first period. The second phase – known as the ’Eastern Parcel’ – is currently well underway, with the remaining 324 aparments scheduled for completion by the end of 2018. The consultants for the project are Kent-based White Associates, while the property developer is Bellway Homes Thames Gateway – the latter of which has a longstanding relationship with Titon.

Commenting on the MVHR products, Neal Gardiner, Director at White Associates, said:

“We have specified Titon’s ventilation systems many times over the last three to four years, so we are well aware of their qualities. The company has been second-to-none in providing technical advice and support, which included full calculations to illustrate compliance with Approved Document F of the Building Regulations. All the units also benefit from low specific fan power (SFP) and this, combined with up to 92% heat recovery, ensures there is an MHVR units within the range suitable for most residential units.”

Titon’s high capacity Q Plus range of continuously running MVHR units are among the quietest on the market and are independently tested by the BRE to BS EN 13141 – the only standard specific to the residential sector. Combining extremely low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger, these ultra-compact units also enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, while remaining versatile enough in size to be installed in either larger apartments or small to medium-sized dwellings.

The Eco versions of these units benefit from Summer Bypass, which diverts 100% of the airflow, and is recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. Eco HMB models, such as those used in The Residence development, are also compatible with Titon’s auralite® status indicator and have quick access filter doors as standard.

Furthermore, the HRV Q Plus Ducting Covers can be used for all models of Titon HRV units. Adjustable in height from 300mm to 400mm, they are designed to cover the ductwork running from the unit to the ceiling. The covers are tapered, increasing in area from the top of the unit to ensure the ceiling is large enough to accommodate round to rectangular elbows in the ceiling void. There are three different ducting covers available, depending on the unit used.

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